Chaos of Stars- Kiersten White

Isadora (not Izzy and not Dora) is a normal Egyptian teenager…who happens to be the daughter of gods Isis and Osiris. Tired of her deity filled life in which everyone worships her parents and overlooks her, Isadora convinces her mother to let her live with one of her brothers, Sirius, in San Francisco. It is an absolute pleasure experiencing American customs for the first time with Isadora. White captures Isadora’s teen spirit so perfectly that I found myself wanting to join her and her new friends on their trips to the beach (too much water, not enough sand) and star gazing evenings (too many clouds, not enough stars).

While in the land of the free, Isadora enjoys her distance from her parents, particularly from her mother. However, something is not right and Isadora can feel it even if she can’t put her finger on it. First there is the break in at Sirius’ house, then one at the museum at which Isadora is working, this coupled with the dreams that are getting harder and harder to ignore. Isadora wonders if her new found freedom is not all she imagined it would be.

White creates a spitfire in Isadora and as such Chaos of Stars  is filled with great one liners and spunky energy. Stay the summer in San Fran with Isadora and her new friends Tyler, Ry and Scott. The only thing that was disappointing about this book was when I realized there was no sequel.

I give Chaos of Stars five out of five books.


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