The New Cinderella

So yesterday I decided I was going to treat myself to a movie. It’s nice to go to the theater once in a while on your own; you get both armrests, as much of the popcorn as you want, and no one whispering during key moments. I decided upon Cinderella after much deliberation and was the only person in the theater not accompanied by children but hey, that’s okay. 

Before I get to my comments on the movie as a whole I want to address one scene in particular in which our fair maiden was writing in a diary. That, in itself is harmless, however Cinderella was writing not with a pen or quill or feather but with a No. 2 pencil! Really?! What was that Disney?! I know that is a very small detail in the grand scope of things but it really bothered me. 

Aside from the two seconds of said pencils’ screen time, the movie was good. The kingdom with all its foliage and architecture was gorgeous. Ella (as she was known before Cinder became the prefix) lives in a beautiful manor with all the happy animals from the cartoon. The town outside the palace looked very cheerful, kind of Beauty and The Beast -ish. Maybe a hint of what’s to come with Disney’s 2016 adaptation. 

Cate Blanchet truly scared me as the iconic Stepmother and Lily James was such a delight.  Helena Bonham Carter was a good fairy godmother. I liked the fact that she didn’t really seem like she knew what she was doing. And while bibbity bobbity boo was severely under used I still think she did a good job. Also, she was our narrator throughout. The story could’ve totally been told without the exposition cheat, especially because this is such a well known story, but whatevs. Finally, when Richard Madden dazzled us with his pearly whites while professing his love to our title character, one couldn’t help but melt and sigh (yes, I realize they had only met twice but still). 

The production was beautiful, as were the costumes. I felt completely immersed in the kingdom. There was the same level of magic and wonder felt in the cartoon and I think they did a great job with their storyline tweaks. There was nothing major or plot altering done to the story but there were some scene additions that flowed seamlessly. 

Points off for the cheating narration and the pencil. Final score: 4 out of 5 


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