A Quest of Heroes – Morgan Rice

When I started this book I did not realize that it was the first in a series of 17. Yes, that’s right….17! But, you know what? I can totally see myself spending all the time it will take to read the series in its entirety. A Quest of Heroes is told primarily through the narrative viewpoint of Thor, our main character. Over the course of the story we also become privy to select others minds, thus gaining a broader scope of what is going on in the Western Kingdom. Thor’s adventures take him from his small village, where literally no one likes or appreciates him, to the castle and its court. Ominous omens and dizzying dreams follow Thor as he navigates his way through Legion training, first romance and emerging magical powers.

Rice uses vivid imagery while laying the groundwork for her epic tale and gives us just enough in this first volume to leave us wanting more. A Quest of Heroes is a wild ride that is sure to capture lovers of young adult fiction and coming of age tales alike. Magic, murder and mayhem seem to be elements that will not soon disappear from these characters lives. Thor’s adventures are sure to have readers turning pages for years to come. I can’t wait to see where fate and destiny take Thor next.


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