An uplifting free write

The sky held death in its clouds. All the shades of shadow loomed over the earth, casting gloom from one side of the horizon to the other. The vast coverage provided by the clouds caused the greenery on the ground to look as though it had been pained with soot and ash.

Beams shone brightly from cars as they zipped from one locale to the next; spotlights in the darkness. Street lamps flickered on despite the midday hour. The sun was ready to shine but the clouds would not hear of it. They held her hostage in her own sky. Every time she tried to break through the clouds shook themselves, echoing across the heavens. And each time this rumbling overcame them the clouds would send down a bolt of  deadly energy for good measure.

“Do we have your attention now?” they were asking.

Their tyrannical rule of the sky angered the sun. On this day in particular she was not in the mood for their sass. She resolved that she was not going to let them dictate when she could or could not shine. Bringing herself up to maximum brightness, she started to shake like the clouds and rumble like the clouds and strike down like the clouds. And lo, the clouds took note of the sun and were shocked that she was standing up for her shine.

In that one moment of shock their guard was let down and the tiniest bit of sky opened up allowing one of the sun’s rays to reach the earth. It was just for a moment however and then her light was extinguished. Swallowed up by the shadow. And the world was plunged into darkness once more.


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