Gilmore Girls Comeback



This week’s post is dedicated to a show that my mother, sister, and I have been fans of for years. We would sit and watch it live every week back when that was still a thing. Before binge watching and DVRing and Netflix and chill we would watch the entire 22 episode season (yes, 22 whole hour long  42 minutes long episodes).

Gilmore Girls began October 5, 2000 and ran for 154 episodes on what was originally the WB and is now the CW. The show chronicles the lives of the mother daughter duo Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory (Alexis Bledel) Gilmore who live in the quaint town of Stars Hollow, CT. The phrase “it takes a village” is very apt over the course of the seven years of the show up to the very last episode and we are introduced to townspeople in season one who are prevalent throughout the series. Show runner Amy Sherman-Palladino does an amazing job of making Stars Hollow a real community, not just a TV town. There are town meetings and community issues and small town romances, I could keep listing but I won’t. The show itself centers on the Gilmore girls, however all of the supporting characters really contribute in making the show as quirky as it is.


Over the years we experience first love with Rory, her acceptance to Yale, and watch as she grows from the quiet junior at a private high school at the show’s open to the determined and ambitious Yale graduate at its close. Lorelai goes from managing an inn to opening and running one of her own, with the help of business partner Sooki St. James (Melissa Mcarthy).

It is a show about growing up and being true to yourself no matter what. The senior Gilmores are upper crust Mayflower descendants. From the Pilot we learn that Lorelai left this life after becoming pregnant with Rory at 16 to be independent and raise her child how she wanted, out from under the thumb of her mother. A central theme of the show is family. Whether you like it or not, your family is your family and while Lorelai and Rory are strong and independent women, they still need their family from time to time. And it isn’t just blood that follows this theme. Sooki and Lorelai are the best of friends and Rory’s friend Lane is her rock in times of need. By this extension community also runs deep.

Recently, I rewatched the series for the umpteenth time. Gilmore Girls is one of those shows that is just so comforting and is so relatable to a smattering of demographics. There is a closeness that Lorelai and Rory have that I don’t think I’ve seen in any other show. They are best friends and it is was always so wonderful to see that on TV instead of arguing and acting out.

When I found out that there was going to be a revival on Netflix, I was over the moon with excitement. Everytime there is an update on Facebook, I tag my mom and sis. When it is mentioned on IMDB I immediately stop what I am doing to watch or read whatever has been released. This is something that, no matter how many miles separate us, we will be able to watch together and get excited about. While there is not always a good product from a revival (I didn’t even try watching Fuller House), I know and have faith that this one will be the exception. You see the series did not end how Sherman-Palladino had intended.

It came out that the Sherman-Palladino team had been treated less than was desirable by the network for several years. There were contracts for the show, for the actors, but not for the writer or her husband and directing partner Dan. The duo tried for contract negations and were met with silence. So while the show carried on for it’s seventh and final season, the creators were not there to see it closed. And while the show ultimately ended in a nice neat way, it was not the ending that Sherman-Palladino had had in mind all those years.

This is why the Netflix news was so exciting to hear! All of the original cast is returning, which was no small feat as many of them have gone on from the show to achieve really great success (most notably Melissa Mcarthy). And to top things off, Amy and Dan are coming back! There will be four episodes that are each an hour and a half long and they will represent one season of the year, hence the title of the miniseries Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. 

The four new episodes debut on November 25 (the day after Thanksgiving) and I cannot wait to Skype with my mom and sister and hear that theme song once more because where the Gilmore girls lead, I will follow.

Full cast photo at the ATX Television festival in Austin, TX where the cast was reunited and the revival was first hinted at.

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