Disclaimer- Renee Knight

Wrapped in mystery and veiled in intrigue, Disclaimer  by Renee Knight wastes no time in hooking the reader into a nonlinear scandal.

Disclaimer takes us on a he-said-she-said to rival all others and with several narrators over the course of the book, it is up to the reader to take everything that is said, and all the events that unfold, with a grain of salt. Who is recounting these events at their truest? This is an interesting way to allow the story to unfold; it fills you in as is seen fit. However, it took me a few pages to get in the groove of the narrative style and realize that I wasn’t as confused as I thought I was. I just didn’t have all the facts. Which is precisely how Knight draws you in.

Catherine Ravenscroft had gone on holiday with her husband and young son to Spain. It is 1993. When her husband is called home for business, Catherine is left to her own devices. Devices that 20 years later are portrayed in a scandalous tell all that starts with the disclaimer, “All events and people portrayed herein…”

The contents of this book within the book tell of a woman and her young lover and the tragic fate he meets. But was it so tragic? The aforementioned unreliable narrators (who shift between Mrs. Ravenscroft and the father of the deceased “lover”) tear the reader back and forth between belief of this poor man and his lost son and the woman to whom these events actually transpired. At times, you despise Cath. At times, you despise the old man (for he truly is cray cray). I really love the doubt that Knight develops in all her characters; their actions are at times capricious, their voice becomes tangled in hearsay.

Through it all however, Catherine Ravenscroft proves herself to be a wonderful leading lady. She is foiled and tarnished from every conceivable direction. And just when you think she has been beaten down to the point of no return she stands up and surprises everyone (characters and readers alike).

I give this book four out of four books. The pacing was good and the mystery had me intrigued through the end. It was so good that even now, two days after finishing it, I’m still thinking about the secret Cath held for over 20 years.


Disclaimer can be found on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Disclaimer-Novel-Ren%C3%A9e-Knight/dp/0062362259/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1442156964&sr=1-1&keywords=disclaimer


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